Travel Fusion Case Study

At DAS, we are very proud of the longevity of our furniture solutions. However, it’s not very often that we get to shout about just how long our desks last.

When Travelfusion moved into their new offices in Liverpool St, they were pleased to inherit 82 OPTIMA trading desks from the previous tenant. Amazingly, we soon realised that the previous tenant had also inherited these desks from the tenant that leased the office before them.

All 82 desks were still in perfect working condition and Travelfusion needed to add 10 more positions to accommodate all of their staff. Despite the original desks being more than a decade old, we were able to perfectly match them aesthetically. For two of the desks which were in the open plan area, we matched the curved worksurfaces to the rest of the floor. In two of the smaller, separate offices however, we made the decision to use our more standard, linear worksurfaces in order to keep the costs to the client at a minimum.

Along with the new desks, we supplied Travelfusion with Flo Dynamic monitor arms – two per position for a multi-screen environment.

Emma Furey, Admin Assistant at Travelfusion explains ‘we never intended to install height adjustable desking or considered the benefits of monitor arms for our people. However, when we reviewed them after the old tenant left it was clear that they would help support the vision we had for our new facility. From this we have maintained our relationship with DAS to ensure that our furniture continues to grow and support our people and our vision.’

Due to the nature of travelfusion’s business most of the roles in their new facility are quite IT intensive. So, having the ability to adjust the height of the desks and the position of both primary and secondary monitors promotes positive ergonomics and employee wellbeing in the office.

Now, Travelfusion have a fantastic space to grow into, with some high-quality height adjustable desks that they were never expecting to be able to benefit from!