Our wealth of experience in interpreting and meeting customer requirements provides DAS with the unparalleled knowledge necessary to exceed customer expectations, with a specific focus on 4 areas of expertise.

Multi-Screen Environments Icon

Multi-Screen Environments

Trading floors and control rooms are typically multiple screen environments; however, not all multiple screen users are traders or operators. At DAS we have the experience and knowledge to advise on all types of screen configuration to deliver the optimum performance for all users in any type of application.

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Cable Management

In all DAS desks the management of cables is effortless thanks to making carefully thought-out solutions focused on making life stress-free for IT and facilities personnel.

Human Factors Icon

Human Factors

Everyone has unique needs, and differing personal preferences in the manner in which they like to work; DAS provide tailored furniture with a key focus on ergonomic compliance.

Heat Management Icon

Heat Management

Whether via natural convection, or by using the fan-coil-assisted cooling unit in the OPTIMA AIRflo desk, DAS have an unparalleled track record in the area of heat management as demonstrated by our AIRflo 'Timeline'.

AIRflo Timeline

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