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When natural convection does not provide sufficient cooling or ventilation for multiple CPUs in the desk, the addition of a water-cooled fan coil unit upgrades the desk into OPTIMA AIRflo.

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Cooling Unit And Vent Grille

The ultimate in cooling technology is provided by incorporating an ‘intelligent’ water-cooled fan coil unit into the desk, fitted with sensors and linked to the Building Management System for optimum performance.

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Vented and Insulated Doors

To allow the unobstructed passage of air through the desk, the doors of the technology void are ventilated on the left side and insulated on the right side, thereby optimizing user comfort whilst cooling technology mostly effectively.

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CPU Trolley

When 360° access to CPUs is required, omni-directional 'stepped' trolleys are located in the technology void of the desk, behind the ergonomically designed doors.

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Worksurface Drip Lip

Just in case a cup of liquid gets knocked over on the desk a raised lip can be applied to the rear of the work top, providing a safety barrier to prevent liquids spilling into the cable tray or sockets located below.

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