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OPTIMA Task is the building block from which all trading desks are derived, providing the basis for our versatile and adaptable product range.

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Central Vent Grille

Warm air from CPUs located below the work surface rises naturally through the centre of the desks and is dissipated comfortably via a central vent grille.

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End Panels

Trading floors and offices can be heavily influenced by the most visible components of the furniture. We provide end panels in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes, to provide the aesthetic touches that can make all the difference to your office environment.

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High-capacity Cable Tray

The high-capacity cable tray can accommodate a large number of sockets and other technology. Additionally, in the case of height-adjustable desks, it provides a managed transition of cables from the CPUs to the monitors positioned above the work surface.

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PU Edge and Safety Gap

The moulded PU edges on worktops provide ergonomic comfort and durability. In the case of height-adjustable desks we always recommend a 25mm gap between adjacent worktops as an added safety feature.

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