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Additional features enable the OPTIMA Task desk to develop into a full trading desk capable of supporting extensive amounts of technology, both above and below the work surface.

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Foot Space Clearance

To fully comply with the stringent ergonomic guidelines set out in EN527-1, doors concealing the CPUs and other technology are cut away at the base of the desk to provide the recommended amount of foot clearance for the user.

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High-Level Cable Tray

In a height-adjustable desk, power sockets are positioned in a tray located below the worktop and accessed via the quick-release sliding mechanism, thereby eliminating the need for extra-long cables to power the monitors on the desk.

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Electronic Height-adjustment

Programmable controller with reader display offers a range of height-adjustment with in-built safety stop feature.

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Central Vent Grille

Warm air from CPUs located below the work surface rises naturally through the centre of the desks and is dissipated comfortably via a central vent grille.

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